Principles of User Interface Design

A great article showcasing 20 principles of UI design  ” Principles of User Interface Design

Interfaces exist to enable interaction between humans and our world. They can help clarify, illuminate, enable, show relationships, bring us together, pull us apart, manage our expectations, and give us access to services. The act of designing interfaces is not art and they are not monuments unto themselves. Interfaces do a job and their effectiveness can be measured. They are not just utilitarian, however. The best interfaces can inspire, evoke, mystify, and intensify our relationship with the world.

DZblogDAY | Educational Projects

Recently, I am Working within an association – called AIESEC – on three educational projects while a nice initiative pop up to unify the stream of the Algerian blogosphere. surprisingly,the theme chosen is Education. I can not miss this event and not contribute at least with our projects aiming to inform and appeal the readers to support our efforts.

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